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Discover Spain

Welcome to HuntingSpain.com the first Hunting Destination Company for foreign hunters & non-hunter specialized in...

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Some «unknown» Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain

Do you know that Spain actually has 8 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, 18 with 2 stars, and 143 with one star? One of the best things about visit Spain is being able to enjoy one of the most amazing cuisines in the world. Whether it´s traditional dishes or the most avant-guard, Spain has earned ... Leer más

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The best Wine Routes of Spain

Our country has 69 Denominations of Origin (DOs) in French “Appellations Contrôlées”, and many more quality wines with Geographical Indication. Our winemaking richness is impressive, so is not surprising that in much of Spanish land is cultivated vineyard and some of the world’s best wines are produced. If you fancy going tasting, take part in ... Leer más

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Wines from Spain

One of the best ways to discover Spain is visiting the wine regions. In HuntingSpain.com we organize great and exclusive wine tours aurond the best wineries and bodegas. A wine tour in Spain will reveal a range of cultural and gastronomic experiences. With our Wine Tours, we provide the opportunity to meet small and large wine ... Leer más

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Shopping Madrid. A selection of the best fashion stores

Logos of the first fashion brands preside exclusive windows that struggle to gain prominence in the “Barrio of Salamanca”. Between “José Ortega y Gasset”, “Claudio Coello” and “Serrano” streets, are concentrated the most exclusive shopping district of the city, with the best representation of the high and large luxury firms. The perfect place to shopping ... Leer más

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10 Great Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. A large, culturally diverse country, it boasts breathtaking panoramic vistas, friendly people, great cuisine, fine wines and plenty of sun, sea and sand. From Spain’s big modern cities to its sleepy villages or world-class resorts, there is a wealth of things to see ... Leer más

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