10 Great Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. A large, culturally diverse country, it boasts breathtaking panoramic vistas, friendly people, great cuisine, fine wines and plenty of sun, sea and sand. From Spain’s big modern cities to its sleepy villages or world-class resorts, there is a wealth of things to see and do wherever you go in this fascinating country. Here are our ten reasons why you should visit Spain.

  1. Spain is renowned for its five thousand miles of coastline and beautiful golden or white sand beaches.
  2. Spain is a veritable playground for the sports enthusiast.
  3. Spain is full of variety, offering distinct regional cultures and very different geographical terrain.
  4. Spain’s many cultural influences have created a delicious and varied cuisine.
  5. The people of Spain welcome visitors.
  6. Spain has a vibrant nightlife.
  7. Spain is home to some of the world’s most colourful and joyous festivals.
  8. Spain boasts the largest art gallery in the world.
  9. Travel within Spain is easy and affordable.
  10. Spain is steeped in history.

With all that Spain has to offer, it is no wonder that the country has had an enduring appeal to vacationers from around the world. If you are serious about travelling, Spain and the whole of Europe has a lot to offer, with plenty of culture, beautiful holiday parks and world heritage sites you are bound to find plenty to do and see.

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