This way of hunting is the oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting. This driven hunt are mostly for red deer and wild boar, but sometimes also for the fallow deer or mouflon.

All hunters gather up in the morning to have some traditional Spanish breakfast. Right after that, hunters will randomly be assigned to a stand. The hunting ground “mancha” is surrounded by hunters who are in their stands distributed in different lines is known as “armada”. Once the hunters are ready, a herd of around 250 hounds are let loose to frighten the game to where the hunters are located. Dogs and beaters will start moving through the bushes and forest towards the line of hunters but from the other end of the estate, several kilometers away. Often, a lot of game is hunted in one day.

The excitement has begun. It will last 3 to 4 tense and exciting hours when at any moment you will have the chance of shooting your favorite trophy. It will probably be a shot on the run since the animals are scared and trying to escape from the dogs. You have to be ready to be surprised in your blind by a big heard of wild boars running towards you chased by all the dogs. Or to listen all the dogs barking at an animal which is running straight to you, but you don’t see it, you only hear all the bushes movement closer and closer!!…

This way of big game hunting is a true spectacle due to the beauty of the countryside, the horses, secretaries, beaters, hounds and hound keepers. When the hunt is over everyone gets together again to share experiences while enjoying a delicious lunch and good wine. You have to try it; it is just an unforgettable experience.

Some Monterias have no number limit for harvested game (normally in difficult terrain where game may pass only in several points) or they may have a pre-set number of animals that can be harvested (called “cupo”). Normally 2 or 3 representative animals guaranteed (Red Stag). The seasons starts on October since end of February. Rifles are used during the hunt and the average shot is 50 – 150 m on moving game. It is a very exciting hunt.