Red-Legged Partridge Shooting Drivens in Spain is something every travelling gun should aspire to do at least once in their life time.  The rugged terrain, sporting birds and the fine weather come together to provide the line of guns with a highly memorable day.

The shooting of partridges are organized mostly in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-León and Andalucia Region. We have an unsurpassed accommodation and first class cuisine. Usually, in the days of hunting are given 5 beatings, the same compounds 6 and 12 posts. Each hunter /position is accompanied by secretaries and charger. The average game may be between 250 and 600 partridges per day, the entire group.

The Spanish red legged partridge, (Alectoris rufa), is a strong bird, of spectacular flight and very appreciated by hunters. The flight´s speed and height depends of the terrain and the wind. An abrupt orography favors a fast flight, making each drive an unforgetable challenge.

The red legged partrigdes are very extended throughout Spain and they´re hunted in “ojeos” or driven hunts where beaters walk through the brush flying the partridges downhill towards the line of shooters, at the base of the hill. The difficulty of the shots depends of the terrain, and the easiest is the flat terrain, but most partridge shooting enthusiasts prefer an abrupt orography. The most spectacular drives are when there is a cross-wind. Excellent shooters from all over the world, come every year to Spain due to the excellent quality of the partridges and the estate´s natural conditions.

We have an excellent and professional staff; expert beaters, assistants (“secretarios”), loaders, waiters, and kitchen personnel who make each hunting day a great experience. A ”taco” will be served after the second drive (traditional Spanish hunting snack) with drinks. Groups of minimum 4 shooters and maximum of 10. When the hunt is over, shooters will return to the country house to enjoy a delicious dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Traditional Spanish food, always made with top quality products.